Marianne (she/her) is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.
Creating colorful, empathic and eye-catching illustrations.

Marianne is living in Norway, more specific on an island surrounded by nature
and the wildlife. When not working she prefers to be outside,
listening to inspiring creative podcasts, traveling,
observing and enjoying the small things in life.

Dont hesitate to send an email if you have any questions or
want to collaborate to ompfdesign@gmail.com

Don´t follow other peoples path and loose yourself. Be BOLD, be YOU.

Clients: Aftenposten, DAD OG TID, Steve Kashtan, Real Change Newspaper, Mindfood Magazine,
Paragone magasin, Time Tree App, Slipstream longboards, Kystmusset i Sør-Trøndelag, Hitra kulturskole,
Sukker design, Erlik Oslo magasin, FETT magasin, Bull Terrier magasin,
MELK magasin, Putsj magasin, Indegaard og Svenil, Veggfolie